Security Keys

Registered Master Key System

Ever wondered who might hold a key to your premises that should not? A former Tenant or staff member or an ex son in law who just came out of jail? Can you be certain one has not gone to your local hardware or Locksmith shop and had your key duplicated without your knowledge? Are your current key locks pickable? Feel like you need to secure your premises with pick resistant locks and restrict access to key duplication. You can now by having CBD Locksmiths come out to your property to implement a registered and restricted security master key system into your existing key locks. No need to replace the whole lock, only the key cylinder and keys are replaced.

CBD Locksmiths restricted, registered security key system is a higher security key system than your ordinary ‘standard’ house hold or office/shop key. Your standard non registered key can be cut by your local key cutter these days. With a registered security key, no key cutter is permitted to duplicate them by patent law. This is the system method. CBD Locksmiths Master key system grants you total key control. The system requires you to authorise by signatory who and when can get any extra keys cut. Restricts key duplication.

This system is simply achieved by installing security key cylinders into your current key locks and providing you with newly registered security keys.Advantages

  • Patent protected by law, provides protection from unauthorised key duplication from other key cutters.
  • Key quantity control, this will reduce the need for you to have locks changed when, for example, tenants or employees leave your premises.
  • All key records are securely kept on file in our head office in a secure safe with dual custody locks. If an enquiry arises, we can refer back  to specific work orders and the system register, such as how many keys have been provided. This procedure is to regulate the issue of keys to maintain an accurate record of keys held.
  • Bump proof and pick resistant security key cylinders.
  • All keys are tagged number stamped with colour coded heads for easy identification.
  • Master keying available.
  • Key Management Software for your PC.
  • Provides high security deterrent to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Retrofits to most existing locks.
  • Keyway prevents any other key being inserted into lock.
  • SCEC endorsed. Government Approved Key System.
  • System is transferable, no lock in contracts.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime for further information or to make an appointment for us to come to your business obligation free, to discuss further with you the advantages of this form of security.

Master Keying

If you employ staff who require access to different areas within the workplace, a master key system can control staff entry points. This can be achieved by one key per employee.

Should you require further information on these types of security features. Please feel free to contact us at anytime. We can also happily come to your business obligation free, to discuss further with you the advantages of this security.